Petition to have Joseph O Polanco removed from these forums.

  • Joseph O Polanco has repeatedly derailed debates and discussions. To quote others on the forum


    Were this conversation being moderated as an official debate you would have lost a long time ago.

    Also, any more comments towards Derick's wife like that and I will write the admins and ensure you are restricted form using the forum.

    In fact, I think you've worn out your welcome, all you have done is offended and angered most of us here."

    "Joseph yet again you crossed the line. "

    & Joseph O Polanco stating

    "You're the clever one, no? Go through everyone's exchanges with me and figure it out.

    In all honesty, though, you guys have made accomplishing my goal here waaaayyy easier than I initially contemplated."

    Clearly his only goal is to cause disruption.

    Therefore post your name if you agree. I am tired of seeing him spamming our forums with nonsense.

    Petition to have Joseph O Polanco removed from these forums.

    Alex Karolyi

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  • Derick Shroyer

  • Kate River Angela

  • Zack Schofield

  • Kevin Williamson

    (Wasted time I can never get back on Joseph )

  • I disagree with you.

  • Signed

  • Basically I've seen these types all over boards like this. They think they're on some kind of mission following their version of the Great Commission. It's easier to ignore them when they get repititious, which they inevitably do. Check out the atheist "ghetto" on the CARM site and you'll see what I mean.

  • General Information

    Page Rules:

    1) No trolling Joseph has broken by showing his intention to get atheists to hate him.

    2) No spamming Joseph has broken Just look at the threads.

    3) No unrelated topics

    4) No scams Joseph has broken by trying to promote his beliefs as true and saying that he can read minds.

  • Derick,

    Since Joseph has broken the rules dozens of times as you and I have both seen, I talked to the admins all they need is links to the incidents in which Joseph has broken the rules. Please private message Atheist Republic a few of them

  • I've sent several discussion links and quotes to Admin...but, really, all they need to do is look at any thread at random. Not only where he keeps accusing me of being a liar (in company with Stephen Hawking, I might add) and where he accused Derick of being a stalker and where he was badgering Colleen.

    So...we'll see what happens.

  • keep him! he unwittingly proves all of our points!

  • Eh. But he is just the same shyte on a different day. He's an endless Summer Repeat. The only difference is that he keeps getting ruder as he goes along. He isn't even pretending to be a civil or decent Christian any more.

  • Fair enough. How about we light him on fire and send him to Hell? Thats what Jesus would do.

  • Update- Joseph has been warned by the moderator

    Religion – A tyranny to humanity

    Atheist Republic


    "Does that mean you would have no problem receiving your pension in Monopoly money?"

    Are you serious? Have i not warned you about trolling this forum Joseph? Has my patience and kindness been mistaken for weakness? You will now apologize to the members of this forum and every other thread you are currently participating in for any offending comments before you proceed to offer anything else. Failure to do so in the most expedient manner will result in your dismissal.

    Joseph O Polanco


    "Whoa! Whoa! Slow down. I was employing a hyperbole to emphasize an earlier distinction, nothing more.

    Irrespective, Brian, if my rhetorical device caused you any offense whatsoever, please accept my sincere apology. That certainly was not my intent."

  • Joseph's apology seems sincere.

  • @ Unity

    Seems sincere but time will tell. Why did he resort to childish tactics if he was sincere in the first place? Was he that afraid of loosing his debates? After all they are just discussions- why make it personal?

  • I don't think that he calls names and points fingers at his probable customers if they don't buy his health insurances so I find incongruent that he demonstrated that kind of nasty behaviour here.

    Let's give a trust vote that he is being sincere.

  • I would say lets give him a chance.

  • He has been given all the chances he will receive

  • Atheist Republic, please check your grammer.

  • He is no more

  • My grammar is fine. Don't know about my grammer though

  • he seemed like a pattern breaker, and maybe should be reconsidered for to be given the opportunity to rectify/amalgamate/adapt with the others with his propositions/debates/discussions.

    Maybe others should also reconsider helping him as their own selves in a different body, rather than to be disapproving/fighting, dissing on him. However, this is your forum, and you decide its fate. Peace

  • @Unity

    "rather than to be disapproving/fighting, and dissing on him"

    It didn't start that way, and it takes both sides to reach that point.

  • be better, be change

  • @Unity

    It is meaningless to think in terms of changing another person; they are the ones who decide. If they chose not to that is their right, but no amount of arguing, nice words or chances will alter their position. It is dysfunctional to put ones growth on hold in an attempt to try to change another person, especially when that person does not want to change.

  • that grammar shit is funny

  • signed.

    atheist, nah man your grammar was shit! :p