A quick philosophical look at mankind's fallen nature as taught in the Bible...

  • In doing theology there are two sources for information which we can use to learn about God.

    One of those sources we can learn about God is through Natural Theology.

    Natural Theology is based on General Revelation, some people use General Revelation to make the argument there is no God and some people use General Revelation to make the argument that there is a God; these people can also use General Revelation to know things about God and this is what we call Natural Theology.

    The other source of information we can use to learn about God is through Special Revelation.

    Special Revelation is a source of information in which God has revealed Himself in a special way. Christians tend to hold the Bible as a source of Special Revelation. This Special Revelation as well as teaching us about God (known as Theology Proper) in its wider context also teaches us about anthropology (as well as many other subjects).

    The Bible seems to strongly teach man is morally fallen, I am going to examine whether General Revelation supports this interpretation from Special Revelation.

    Have you ever noticed you don't do the good you want to do, or be the way you feel you ought to be. Even when we as human beings determine to maybe treat our parents better or our spouse better or to react better at work; yet we still fail despite our desire not to be that way.

    Why is choosing to do the moral good we want to do not just like choosing which colour socks I put on in the morning?

    I can freely choose what shoes I want to wear, there is no problem following through on what I want to do, yet when it comes to doing the moral good I know I ought to do this is different.

    Some one may answer the reason it is hard is because certain choices go against what you are as a human. For example I could choose not to want to eat yet that is a hard choice to follow through on (unlike putting on the socks I want to wear) as it is in my nature as a human to eat.

    Well this point exactly proves that we are fallen beings, you see it is our 'nature' which is stopping us from achieving our will not to eat and it is also our 'nature' stopping us from doing the moral good we know we 'ought' to do.

    This shows us that our natures are morally fallen, morality is what philosophers call as 'oughtness' (the way we ought to think, talk and act) and our natures seems to be in such a way which is not aligned with the way they ought to be (that is why we struggle with the choice to do the moral good, it is our nature fighting against us). This shows us our moral natures are fallen...

    The Bible teaches man is fallen and this is a big problem for us, because God is Holy.

    To see how a fallen being can have a relationship with a Holy God please click on this video link below:


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  • Firstly, "morality" is subjective, so you cannot possibly prove that anyone is not acting "morally". Secondly, even if you could prove that humans have a hard time acting morally, you have in no way connected the dots to prove the cause is anything to do with God or the supernatural. Your whole argument above is opinion and assertions backed up with zero evidence.