Who should Naruto end up with?

  • A lot of debates had been going on between Naruto fans about the type of girl Naruto should end up with. On one hand, we have Sakura the strong-willed headstrong team mate of our hero, and on the other hand, we have Hinata, the shy ex-heir of the Hyuuga clan who has been in love with Naruto from the start.

    If you ask me, i go for Hinata. Anyone who has seen Hinata vs. Pain would understand how Hinata loves him, and Naruto deserves that. Both had been rejected, both had been criticized, and both share the similar pain, which is why i think they would be more compatible.

    As for Sakura, it cannot be denied that she loves Sasuke, which has been blatant from the very beginning.

    What are your thoughts on this? Please feel free to give your opinion. This forum has no time limit and will never be deleted and you can reply any time.

    -admin kakashi

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