• My g-gm Annie Emily EDWARDS, born c1846; died 1926; married William Henry HARRISON (b 1844; d 1924) right after Civil War. All events happened (except maybe her birth) in Blackwater District; Prince George County, VA. Her fathe rwas William E. EDWARDS - all I have is his name - no dates, no places, no nuttin'!! Can you find him? His wife? Other kids? Many thanks! :) (I have info on Annie after her marriage and CW service records on WHH. It's her parents I'm after. Saving his parents for another time.)

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  • Forgot that I have pix of her tombstone! She is buried at the Harrison family cemetery located beside Merchants Hope Church in Prince George Co., VA. (NOT the more modern cemetery next door.) She was born 6 JAN 1846 and died 11 FEB 1926.