Non-Dairy recipe substitutes for Dairy products

  • I'm looking for ideas on how to do non-dairy replacements for ingredients like:


    Heavy Cream

    Condensed Milk

    THANKS! =D

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  • You might try a product called Coffee Rich manufactured by Rich Food Products of New York. I only suggest caution if someone has a soy allergy. I have used it for years in cooking as a substitute and the results are terrific, only if you want to use some kind of chemically engineered food substitute in your cooking and baking.

  • I did end up finding a great website through another forum. It has a whole list of ways to get around a dairy allergy and having yummy baked goods =D

  • I need to cook/bake dairy free since half my family is lactose intolerant. In today's world, there are so many "natural" substitutes, I'm actually giddy (traditionally non-dairy creamers are made from chemicals - Like Coffe Rich - YUCK!). Because of the wide variety, people can make choices according to their own tastes. So here's some suggestions that me and my family really like:

    Buttermilk = unsweetened almond milk + lemon juice

    Heavy Cream = MimicCreme Unsweetened

    Condensed Milk = MimicCreme Sweetened.

    Although you didn't ask, here's another sub I love"

    Butter = Earth Balance

    Shortening = Earth Balance

  • I really liked the Silken Tofu as a Heavy Cream substitute, but I heard that coconut cream is really good too.

    As for butter, I find that Earth Balance is too oily and has a bad aftertaste and my kids don't enjoy the cookies as much. I use Smart Balance instead. The Light version is truly dairy free, and bakes ok. The regular version bakes better, but has some milk proteins that would not bother lactose intolerant people.