can you do my recipe

  • k im a big fan of americas test kitchen well technically you got me started on my cooking i made you chewy choco chip cookies your banna bread i wanted to do a hamburger recipe so you can say im an amateur but i like cooking thats the point of cooking well and making people happy because of your food so heres my hamburger recipe.

    HAMBURGER and chips tb = table spoon.ts = teaspoon

    first mix 2 pounds of mince witch 1/2 tb salt and pepper 1 ts basil and parsly 1 egg 3/4 cup bread crumbs shape into hamburger patty as big as you

    want set to rest in oven.

    now put stove on at medium het mix 6 ounces tomato puree 1 cup of tamato sauce not ketchup

    mix well till well mixed the add 1 tb cayan pepper powed to mixture mix well you must be able to taste the cayan pepper fell free

    to ad more if you dont taste it turn to low let simmer.

    now for the chips first skin potatoes optional now cut the potatoe into potato chip shaps dont need to be perfect you will have

    to do 2 batches when puting in oil cooker so i advise you to do first batch for 1 mine.

    now this may seem different from normale chip recipesput i made a salt pepper and cayan pepper powder mixture 1 tb per

    ingredient after first time in the oil cooke marinate the chips in the cayan mixture set aside.

    at this point in the rescipe i added 1 ts to a pan set stove to medium heat and cook the hamburger pattys 1 to 2 mins per side at same time start

    the second dip of the chips in the oil let cook 3 mins.

    plate and serve with tomato mixture as dipping sauce for chips.

    and most of my ways in this were your lessons well episodes

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