321st Training Squadron

  • Mission Statement: Provides world-class military leadership and training necessary to transform recruits into highly motivated Airmen possessing the foundational warrior attitudes, knowledge, skills and abilities to sustain the world’s greatest Air Force.

    Squadron Lineage: Designated 3701st Training Squadron, and organized, on 26 Aug 1948. Redesignated: 3701stBasic Military Training Squadron on 7 Feb 1952; 321stBasic Training Squadron on 25 Aug 1992; 321stTraining Squadron on 1 Apr 1994.

    Trainee Address Information: Utilize the information listed below once your trainee has contacted you with the required data to complete his/her mailing address. Please do not send any “care packages” (i.e. food, candy, or any type of snacks), however, letters are appreciated. Questions concerning trainee address information can be answered by calling the BMT Reception Center at (210) 671-3024 on Monday through Wednesday from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

    Sample Address:

    AB Last, First, Middle Initial

    321 TRS/ FLT XXX/ Dorm X-X

    1320 Truemper St. Unit 36XXXX (Unit #)

    Lackland AFB, TX 78236 – XXXX (Zip Extension)

    (Note: The X’s listed above are flight and dormitory specific. Your trainee will give you his flight number. Utilize the chart links listed below as a reference for assistance of his/her specific address. Not all addresses have the same Zip Extension.)

    The “Warthogs” proudly wear a dark GRAY colored t-shirt during the Airman’s Run.

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